Niall and Alice One Shot (Sunday, Nando’s Day)

(Niall’s P.O.V)

“Wake up Alice” I said trailing my fingers up and down her arm.

“Mmm. I’m too tired” She said moving away.

“Nu-hu. It’s sunday, which means breakfast at Nando’s” I said poking her in the tummy.

“Niall! I wanna sleep” She grumbled.

“Sorry love, now get out of bed and dress yourself. We’re going in half hour” I said getting up so I could get ready. But before I did so, I pulled up the shutters so I could let the daylight in. And also because I know how much Alice hates light when she just woke up.

“NIALL! I’m so killing you” She said getting up.

“You won’t. You love me” I said running into the bathroom before she could get me.

I heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom door, so just in case, I locked it.

“Niall open up. Now” She said determined.

“No. Say that you love me and you will get dressed for Nando’s and I’ll let you in” I said smirking.

“Ugh Nial!” She got frustrated.

“Sorry babe. But you know what you have to do” I said.

“Fine fine. I love you and I will get dressed as soon as I come out of the bathroom in which you will let me in right now” She said.

Just then I unlocked the door and she came bursting in ushering me out.

“Wasn’t that hard now was it?” I said as she was already in.

“It was. Now go get dressed” She said as I heard the sink turn on.


*At Nando’s*

“The usual please” I said as they led us to ‘our’ table.

“Niall, babe. If we keep on doing this every sunday we’ll end up as hipos”

“So? Hipos are cool…” I said fake pouting.

“Haha, true” She said smiling.

She’s amazing. She’s like my little sister, my best friend and girlfriend in one. I protect her like a big brother would. I share everything with her as a best friend and love her as my girlfriend.

I can tell her anything and do anything without being judged.

She’s my partner in crime.

“You’re amazing Alice” I said looking in her eyes.

“Well, this is random. But I know. I am amazing” She said patting her own shoulder.

“Oi, I’m trying to have a moment here” I said laughing.

“Haha okay okay. Sorry” She said smiling.

“So, what I was saying. You are absolutely amazing” I said once again, taking her hand in mine from across the table.

“Am I amazing on sunday mornings, Horan?” She said smirking.

“Shush, you’re always amazing to me. I’m really lucky to have you”

“Yeah… Me too. Oh, foods here” She said letting go of my hand so they could place our plates on the table.

“Enjoy” The waiter said smiling and walking away.

“This is so yummy” Alice said like a little girl.

“I know. See? It’s worth it even if we end up like hipos” I said laughing.

“It sure is”

“You have a little something here” I said bending over the table to clean her up.

“So cheesy” She said giglling once I sat back down.

“Oh shush. You loved it”

“I did actually” She said blushing a bit.

It’s amazing we’ve been going out for one year and I can still make her blush and she still gives me butterflies every time she does so.

“I love it when you blush. Actually, I love the fact I can still make you blush” I said smiling.

“You never fail to do so”

“I know. So, Alice I have been thinking. Do you want to go on a long holiday with me? Any place, you choose” I said, my hands sweaty because I had no idea what she would answer.

“Wow, Niall. That sounds amazing” She said with a smile fron ear to ear.

“Seriously? Thank God. I thought you wouldn’t want to” I said calming dow.

“Of course I want to. It’s an awesome idea” She said coming over to my chair to give me light peck on the cheek. Then she sat back down.

“Any place in mind you always wanted to go to with a super handsome young lad?”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to go to Canada” She said smiling.

“Canada it is, love. As soon as we get home we’ll start planning to where in Canada, the dates and all that stuff”

“This is so exciting!”

“I’ve been wanting to do this since a long time already. I’m glad you agreed” I said smiling.

“I’m glad I did”

We both stood up and I payed.

As soon as we got home she flopped onto the sofa with my laptop and patted the seat next to her.

“Come on. Let’s plan our holiday” She said giving me her amazing smile.

I just smiled back and sat next to her.

She’s amazing.

A/N: Alice! I am so completely utterly sorry. Really. I had my finals and couldn’t update. I’m really sorry, don’t hate me. And I hope you like it :)

-Lana Xxx

It doesnt matter that it takes so long school is more important than a one shot just take as long as you need xxx Alice ;D

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Best night of our lifes
(One direction 24/05/13)

Best night of our lifes
(One direction 24/05/13)

Lauren & Harry One Shot

Lauren’s POV

“Harry , wake up, you have to be in the studio in half hour” I said poking my boyfriend Harry on the shoulder

Harry and I have been dating for seven months now and to be honest this seven months have been amazing , dating Harry was the best decision I ever made , he is so protective on me and always remainds me how beautiful I am I couldn’t asked for anything better

” five minutes more” he begged
“Okay,I’ll be in the kitchen” I said closing the door shut

A few minutes later I heard footsteps heading to the kitchen and two strong arms wrapped around my waist , his chin resting on my shoulder
“Morning” Harry said in a husky voice
“Morning” I turned around and kissed his cheek
“Want a cup of tea?” I continued
He nodded
I sat beside him placing a hot cup of tea infront of him
” so you’re hanging out tonight with (Y/B/N) , huh?”
” well Yeah , I’m really excited I haven’t seen her in like forever”
He smiled taking another sip of tea.
But he looked at his watch and his facial expression turned to sleepy to worried
” you’re running late,huh?” I said giggling
He quickly stood up and left the house running like never before
” I Love you , have fun tonight” he said before slamming the door shut.
After he left i washed the breakfast dishes and layed on the sofa for an hour, or that’s what i thought because i woke up to the sound of a bell ringing.
” coming ,coming” i said rubbing my eyes.
I quickly got up from the couch and opened the door and for my sourprise (Y/B/N) was standing in my door step.
“Hellooo” she said excitedly
Oh my gosh, what was she doing here? I mean, she was supposed to be here at seven,right?
“H-Hey -i rubbed my eyes- what are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be here at seven?”
“And what time do you think it is, sleppy head?” she said making her way in

Oh god , please tell me i didn’t fall asleep, well done Lauren, you’ve been planing this for months and now you fall asleep, stupid!

“Sorry, i fell asleep” i said in an inocent voice
” it’s okay,love, and now give me a proper hug”
She came closer and hugged me
“So,are you gonna get dressed?” She asked me breaking the embrace
“Yeah,sure let’s go”
I took her by her hand and excitedly guided to my bedroom.she sat on my bed and I quickly opened the wardrobe and took the beautiful red dress i bought a couple of weeks before
“So, how are things going with Harry,Lauren?”
“Everything is going perfect” a huge smile spread across my face
“Really? That’s amazing, I mean you know, after your last relationship….” she covered up her mouth with her hand right away when she realisaed what she just said.
I suddenly started to feel a little dizzy, so I decided to sat at the edge of mine and Harry’s bed.
Well guys i think is time to tell you what happened.Two years ago i started dating (Y/E/N), everything was so perfect, but it all changed when one night after i came home from work when a very drunk (Y/E/N) was waiting for me….
* flashback*
“Hello” my voice echoed trough our shared flat
“You stupid where have you been?” He took me by the wrist and squeezed it
“Stop, you’re hurting me!” I screamed in pain trying to scape from his grip
No need to mention that he gets agressive when he drinks,but he never layed a finger on me untill that day.
“so you think this hurts? And how about this?”
He slapped me across my face, leaving his five fingers tattoed on my cheek. Hot tears rolling down my face
“P-please leave alone”
“Oh,so you wanna be alone?you don’t want to be with me?- he pushed me against the wall-do you really think that you’re better than me?His cold hands were now around my neck.
I couldn’t breathe anymore,my vision was getting blurry untill it all went finally black.
Next morning i woke up in the living room floor,he was lying beside me, but luckly for me he was sleeping so i hurriedly grabbed a couple of things and left that house forever.
It took me a lot of time to move on and forget about what happened, well not really forget, you know that’s something that will stay in my mind forever…
Since that day i’ve always been afraid of opening my heart to someone, but soon enough Harry came and changed that. Now he is my everything and i know that he’ll never leave me so i don’t have to worry about getting hurt anymore.
*End of the flashback*
(Y/B/N) came running to me
“Are you okay,Lauren?” She asked worriedly “yeah i’m perfect - i said faking a smile-
Let’s go”
*At the pub*
“Wow,Lauren,this place is amazing”
“Yeah,right? Harry and I usually come here every weekend”
“I’ll go and get us something to drink” i continued
“Okay, i’ll be on the dance floor”
“Excuse me,Two martinis,please” i said to the bartender
He turned around and….i saw the last person in the world i wanted to see :(Y/E/N)
What was he doing here? My heart skipped a bit and my hands started to sweat
“what a surprise” a huge grin appeared on his face
I stayed speachless for a couple of seconds but finally spoke
“What are you doing here?”courage noticeable in my voice
“Whoa calm down, i’m the new bartender”
“Ugh” i walked away and got lost between the crowd
A couple of hours passed by and all i could think about was (Y/E/N)

It was already 5 am and we decided to leave so i called Harry to pick me up

“Well, i’ll see you tomorrow, i. Love you” i blew (Y/B/N) a kiss and closed the cab’s door
I was waiting for Harry in the pub’s entrance when i heard his voice behind me
“Did you really think that I’d let you go that easy?”
All the courage i had before faded away
I slowly turned around and there he was, standing right infront of me
“W-what do you want?” I stutered
“You” he came closer, took my fragile body in his arms and threw me into a white van.
“HELP! HELP ME! HELP!” i screamed and hit the window
The car suddenly started moving
And not much further i saw Harry running towards the van
“Harry” i said at the top of my lungs
“Lauren” he screamed back, tears rolling down his cheeks
But it was too late, i was already gone
Is this really going to be the end for us, for me?

A/N: ok so this is the first part, please tell me what you think about it because if you liked it i will write part two. And thanks for requesting ,Lauren :)
(Y/B/F): your best friend
(Y/E/N): your exboyfriend name

Hey, i totaly loved part 6 of the tutor story only its a shame that it was the last part ;( but i totaly LOVED the whole tutor story xxx alice

Aww thank you so so much Alice, it really means a lot, I started writing it out of boredom but I had loads of fun writing every single part :)

Yeah, it’s sad it’s over, but us four had planned to star writing a fan fic but we never seem to find the time…

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when will the next part of tutor be up?


Part six has just been posted. I hope you enjoy it, love :)

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When is part six gonna be up? I'm addicted!!

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Hey when will you be posting again? Xxx alice

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Louis Tomlinson one shot. Tutor (Part 6)

(Louis’ P.O.V)

She fell to the groung and I ran beside her.

“Look what you’ve done. To your own daughter! You’re a monster” I said as her mother came to the bathroom.

Before her mother could say anythig, the police came bursting through the house door.

“We got a call a few minutes ago, what do you need?” He asked.

That police man is stupid!

“She beat her daughter, she does it almost everyday. I called so I can report her for phisical and emotional abuse” I said to him, holding (Y/N) in my arms.

“Do you need an ambulance?” The other one said while taking hold of her mums arm.

I really don’t know who’s the most stupid out of them.

I have a passed out girl in my arms. No… Don’t need an ambulance. Idiot.

“Yes please” I said faking a smile.

“They’re on they’re way”

“Thank you”

“Tell me, is this girl over eighteen?” One police officer asked.

I was thinking wether I should lie or not. If I don’t lie maybe they’ll take her to some orphanage or God knows where. And if I lie she gets to stay with me.

“Yes she is” I said.

“Good then. Thanks for the call. Bye” And the men and her mother were gone.

Just then the ambulance arrived and took her with.

“Sorry Sir, you can’t come on this ride” A man said.

“Please let me. Please. She’s my girlfriend” I lied. But I wish though “I need to come with” I pleaded.

“You seem very in love. Just this one time and don’t you dare tell anyone” He glared.

“Deal” I smiled while getting on the ambulance.

She looked so pale, so… I don’t know, different. But despite how she looked, she was still beautiful, still breath taking to me.

Man, I was falling quick for her, and hard. I can’t tell if it’s a good or a bad thing.

A squeeze in my hand took me out of my thoughts.

“(Y/N)? Oh my God (Y/N) love, how are you does anything hurt. Are you-” I was cut of by one of the doctors.

“I’m sorry mister…”

“Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson”

“Okay, so mister Tomlinson. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to shout at your girlfriend if she just woke up from a very bad head ache. So I suggest you calm down or I may have to ask you to leave this ambulance” He said quite sassy.

“Sorry doctor” I said and sat back down, still not letting go of her hand.

We arrived at the hospital and they took (Y/N) into a room to check on her while I stayed out in the waiting area.

It seemed like hours until I heard the doctor talk to me.

“Mister Tomlinson?”

“Yes?” I said standing up.

“You may go see (Y/N), she’s perfectly fine now. She’s a bit bruissed on her head and stomach but she’s fine”

The doctor started walking so I followed him until we came to a door. (Y/N)’s door.

“Miss (Y/N), you can gather your things and leave as soon as you like” The doctor said leaving me and (Y/N) alone.

“Hey” She said softly, standing up and waliking over to me.

“You scared me to death!” I said as I embraced her in a hug, careful not to hurt her.

“I-I’m sorry” She said burrying her head in my neck.

I could feel some wet tears running down my shoulder.

“Shh, it’s fine. You’re mum has gone into rehab, and in the mean time you’ll be staying with me” I said pulling back so I could brush away her tears.

“You sure? I really don’t want to bother you, Louis” She said looking in to my eyes.

“I’m the one who proposed it. Didn’t I? I want you to stay with me” I said holding her by her cheeks.

“Thank you, Louis. For everything. I could never repay you to be honest” She said sincerely.

“You’re welcome. And I don’t want you to repay me. Having you near me is more than enough” I said, moving closer to her face by every word I said.

“Louis?” She whispered.

“Yes, love?”

“I know you said I should forget it and all. But I can’t. Did the kiss really mean nothing to you?” She asked looking down, blushing I might say.

I took hold of her face again, and kissed her. It was even better than the first kiss we shared.

I guess it took her by surprise since it took her a few seconds to kiss back. But she did.

I pulled back to find her still with her eyes closed and thd biggest smile ever.

“I hope that answers your question” I said causing her to open her eyes.

“It actually didn’t” She said smirking.

“I will give you the proper answer if you answer my question” I blackmailed her.

“You have my full attention”

“Will you go out with me? Like on a date? And maybe… be my… girlfriend?” I said freaking out.

“I-um. I’d like that” She said.

“Now, that you’re my girl. I can get to do this as much as I like to” I said kissing her over and over again.

“I think we’ll have a long story to tell my mum and sisters as soon as we get home” I said smiling at her.

Taking her by her waist, I guided my girlfriend out of her dark past into a bright new future.

A/N: Sorryyyy it took ages… :( So this is it. This was the last part of the Tutor story. Let me know if you have enjoyed :) Thank you to everyone who have read it and always left a sweet comment about it!

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Tutor (part 6) update.

So… To all of you curious people about when part six from the Tutor story will be up…

I’ve had quite a lot going on this week (and it’s just wednesday) so part six will most probably be up either tomorrow or on friday. Pinkie promise!!

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